Friday, March 20, 2015


As you might have heard, the wait for Teff Love: Adventures in Ethiopian Cooking is over; the book is now available just about everywhere!


I have been excited about this book since 2013 when I was a member of the team of enthusiastic testers. In case you missed it, you can still relive the fun; it never gets old. My enthusiasm has only increased since then.


Since I've already covered the simple steps to using Teff Love to create a classic, Ethiopian feast over on Vegansaurus, I'm going to focus now on some recipes that you might not expect to find in Teff Love. So, whether you already love Ethiopian food and want to dive into its preparation at home, or are just looking for some unique and incomparably flavorful dishes to add to your repertoire, know that Teff Love has it all. Yes, even standards with an Ethiopian twist.

Tired of your boring ol' scramble? The ye'tofu enkulal firfir: tofu scramble will shake things up in the best possible way by adding spice and depth of flavor you've likely never experienced with your mama's runny scramble (no offense to your mama; she probably didn't even make scramble). I add peppers and potato to mine because...why the heck not?


The Teff Love tempeh salad is like none I've ever tried. It is so amazing that it is the single thing I will tolerate apples in; for some reason it really works. It's both horrifying and satisfying at the same time; this Kittee Berns character really knows what she's doing! No more chickpea salad for me; this is my new summer go-to. Serve it on crackers, in a salad, or on a sammie; you can't do this wrong.

For a special snack I love to make ye'shimbra be' akuri ater kolo: crunchy, spicy chickpeas and soybeans. I use green soybeans because I'm a rebel. Also, they're my fave. Since I like them best warm, I usually make a big batch and then heat them by the handful as I crunch my way through the stash.

So easy to prepare, just don't forget to tip your sous chef.

Then there's the incomparable awaze tofu: tofu marinated in a spicy berbere sauce and pan fried or baked (I bake)- pretty much the most flavorful and succulent tofu you ever wanna meet. Eat it as is or use it to make a cruelty-free banh mi!

And, finally: my favorite blueberry-cinnamon sourdough pancakes. To say something as wonderful as pancakes could even be narrowed down to a favorite is mind-boggling, I know. But these will be, at very least, the best pancakes you've made in a very long time. Sweet and fluffy with just a hint of tang; the blueberry and cinnamon elevate them to perfection.

They are so good, in fact, that I almost lost some to a certain long-limbed pooch who loves them as much as I do.


Last month I ran a giveaway at my home away from home: Vegansaurus. If you weren't the winner, now's your chance to win a copy here (shown here re-covered with the coveted pancakes), courtesy of the publisher, Book Publishing Co.

The brainstorming for this contest happened over on instagram and it's pretty simple. To enter, kindly enter a comment on this post letting me know your guess, in inches, of the combined length of 89's longest features: her legs (all four), ears (two), and tail. All measurements include length added by hair above and beyond the actual feature (fun fact: it's not ALL ear under there); more photos can be found here for research purposes. The closest without going over wins; if there are duplicate winning answers I will default to the earliest comment. Open to U.S. residents only. Contest closes March 31.

Stay tuned to the Teff Love blog tour for more photos, reviews, and recipes!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Highlights from 89's Birthday!

Just some scenes from 89's 3rd (long) birthday (weekend) last week!

I locked her in a (large) closet the night before so I could wrap her presents.

We started the day with a new poncho and a long walk.

In hindsight, it was maybe a little too windy.

Then we threw some Hello Kitty and festive birthday wear into the mix.

The grandhumans came over and a fight broke out between 89 and a trio of balloons.

Eventually everyone calmed down.


VM is a pro-wrapper from way back.

This is the kind of love that hurts.

Sorry, Hedgie.

You'd think this was an inedible cupcake.

You'd be wrong.

When the mail comes you can usually expect it's for 89. This time: from Wagatha's.

A ginormous bag of vegan dog treats.

She seemed to think it was a trick at first.

But then stuck her fat face in and stole two at once.

A birthday bow and a new bandana from V-dog.

A little relaxation.

And then a conk-out.

It's going to be a very good year for 89!