Saturday, August 1, 2015

Red Rabbit Bakery, Vegan Austin TX

Even though we were having an amazing time in San Antonio (over a year ago!), we couldn't justify being in Texas without visiting Austin. So, we took a road trip and our first stop was Red Rabbit Cooperative Bakery.


At the time, they were operating out of a food truck alongside Unity Vegan Kitchen, vegan-friendly Taco 'Bout it (now closed), and Americano Tattoo.


Judging by their website and facebook page, it looks like they're available all over now! This is most excellent, but not surprising news. I've eaten more than my fair share of donuts in this lifetime and Red Rabbit's were some of the best: particularly this Austin Creme (get it?).

So good, in fact, that the three of us had a hard time deciding which donuts to omit from our order...

Clockwise from left: mexican chocolate glaze, raspberry filled, apple fritter, cinnatwist, Austin cremes, pistachio. What can I say? We didn't hold back!

We considered making use of this card, but even we couldn't justify 4 donuts/person.

Besides making amazing donuts, Red Rabbit vastly increases their awesomeness as a co-op:

"Red Rabbit Cooperative Bakery is equally owned and controlled by its workers. Our goal is to uphold the principles of a cooperative while creating superior vegan products that appeal to vegans and non-vegans alike. Through our food choices, we want to positively impact the earth and its inhabitants. We select our ingredients with care and consideration because we believe that the quality of all food should exceed the conventional standard. So, follow us down the rabbit hole!"

Wherever you may find them, do not miss these incredible donuts if you're in the Austin area!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pride Enjoy Radical Rainbow Cookies

We had more than our fair share of fun at the July shop-up at Pine Box Rock Shop, but one of the best moments was when I was chatting with the owner/baker from Pride Enjoy.


There I was, minding my own business whilst winding my way through a surprisingly busy summer shop-up when these radical rainbow cookies caught my eye. Much like when the woman working the adoption event when I first saw 89 immediately handed her to me and that was that, Janel noticed the look of love in my eyes and immediately offered me a beautiful sample of her gluten-free, vegan version of what is possibly my favorite cookie.

While I was mmming unabashedly, I managed to impart how much I love rainbow cookies and that, because they're so much work, I've only made them once. Janel understood and responded that there was a blogger who had written a blog called Rainbow Cookies Should Cost a Million Dollars a Pound.


So cool.

As it turned out, my Pride Enjoy rainbow cookies suffered through about 6 hours of heat as we were having so much fun in the new outdoor seating section of Pine Box that we didn't want to leave. While I wouldn't recommend such treatment of these luscious cookies, it does explain why they didn't look as pristine when I ate them that evening as they had upon purchase. However, the taste was not affected!

By their own account, Pride Enjoy is "an alternative baking company that specializes in all-natural, plant-based, and allergen free cookies." I can't seem to find an explanation of the clown on the packaging (clowns!), but I'm willing to overlook it if they keep churning out these delicious cookies.